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Our Kind of People

  • Small businesses looking for à la carte marketing and management services

  • Seasoned Influencers looking to make their side hustle a main gig


  • New entrepreneurs aiming to get their dreams off the ground

  • Brands looking to connect with influencers & athletes

Talent Management

Celebrities and influencers face countless demands.  

We are here to help organize your life to avoid missing out on opportunities and generate additional revenue.

Sports Marketing

We help businesses connect with influencers and athletes to execute appearances, product seeding opportunities, create content, and endorsement deals.

Virtual Assistants

Too busy to manage your hustle?  We can help answer emails, schedule calls, and manage your day-to-day so that you never miss a moment.

Business Consulting

Whether you have a new or growing business, our team can help you develop the best plan to reach your immediate and future goals. We specialize in branding, marketing, and strategic planning.

Event Production

Looking to launch a business? Want to host a branded dinner for local influencers? Dreaming of the perfect pop-up shop? Everyone loves a great event & we can help!

Social Strategy

Social content can help generate revenue and connect with your audience.  We can assist with content creation, planning your posts, and negotiating social media deals.

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